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About Us

Desio Bagnato Garage commenced business when Malcolm Bagnato and Tony Desio formed a partnership in the early 1960’s, establishing their motor vehicle servicing and repair business at the rear of the BP Service Station, Main Street Bairnsdale.

In 1996 a local lad by the name of Adam Bartlett graduated from Bairnsdale Technical School and started as an apprentice at Desio Bagnato Garage. Little did he know or expect at that time that he would ultimately take over ownership of the business.

In the mid to late 90’s gas conversions were big business with more than 2 cars converted to dual fuel every week. It was also near the end of old technology engines. Cars had carburettors and ignition systems with a distributor and points.

As the years ticked by, the founders began to grow tired and started looking to retirement. The offer was made to Adam Bartlett in 2005 to consider buying the business. It turned out to be an easy decision to accept the opportunity, one which Adam has never regretted taking up.

The business continued to operate strongly from the BP Service Station for a further 9 years, but conditions had become cramped as the number of vehicles passing through for service grew.

Adam Bartlett realised that to grow he had to find bigger premises. Desio Bagnato Garage relocated to Macleod Street Bairnsdale, their current location, in January 2015. The new premises offered the essential space that would benefit customers and the staff alike.

Whereas the old BP site had 4 work bays, the new location has 9. There were two hoists, now there are three. Customers can drop off and collect their cars undercover and there is a comfortable reception area.

Despite the change in location, the business still operates as it always has, on providing quality service from friendly staff. Mechanic Steve Wood has been with the business for 35 years and Adam Bartlett has just logged 22 years.

In a world where rapidly changing technology has made vehicles of all descriptions more advanced, Desio Bagnato Garage is at the forefront of the change. Embracing the new technology of the automotive industry, Adam Bartlett and his team have the essential diagnostic technology to service and fault find.

But despite the advances, the essential element of servicing remains the human factor. A laptop can point to the system at fault, but it is the skilled technician who can pin point the problem and action a timely repair.

Today Adam has a staff of 6, all working as a team in what is essentially a family business looking after their customers in an honest and professional manner.