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Caravans, Trailers & Boat Trailers

At Desio Bagnato Garage we assist customers with more than their vehicle. Caravans and trailers of all descriptions need to be regularly maintained and periodically checked.

Caravans and boat trailers in particular often spend the greater part of their life ‘parked’ and immobile. It’s not surprising then that wheel bearings can seize up, brakes get sticky and the wiring gets a mind of its own.

Before heading off on the next big trip, or even a short one, have your trailer thoroughly checked. A trailer check involves wheel bearing check, brake check both at the wheels and the hitch, suspension check, wiring operational check and where appropriate an application of grease to the hitch and suspension.

Why ruin your holiday, when for a relatively small investment in time and money, you can head off confident that your caravan or trailer is in great condition.