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Drivers who have been convicted of a drink driving offence are often directed by the Court to participate in Victorian Alcohol Interlock Program.

An alcohol interlock is an electronic breath testing device that prevents a vehicle from starting if it detects alcohol. The alcohol interlock will also ask for breath tests during your trip. It records all breath tests requested and any attempts to drive with alcohol present on your breath.

Alcohol interlocks can be installed in most vehicles with an ignition including motorcycles. Desio Bagnato Garage is a VicRoads approved alcohol interlock supplier, supplying, fitting and monitoring drivers subjected Victorian Alcohol Interlock Program.

Under the Interlock Program, Desio Bagnato Garage supplies the Dräger brand of Interlock. Dräger is the market leader of alcohol interlock devices and have supported over 45,000 program participants with reliable Dräger Interlock devices.